About Us

CHOZE-N was formed in 2002 by two brothers Dennis and Dorance West. Both are now based out of Texas and currently reside in the city of Dallas Ft Area. Since their early teen years of pationately singing for the Lord both brothers decided to share their vision by forming a christian group formely known as "CHOZE-N". CHOZE-N's vision is to encourage people from all walks of life through a unique style of music to portray their passion for Christ and uplift people in establishing faith or strengthening more faith in GOD. But that’s not all. While on there journey they envisioned a Christian Clothing Brand and went for it” “CHOZE-N APPAREL” also known as #SSG. This Brand  Represents  STABILITY, STRENGTH & GROWTH in CHRIST! Some may ask, “Why those 3 words”. We’ll it’s simple, In order to fully obtain the manifestation of GOD you must first have STABILITY. And being stable in GOD helps you to obtain STRENGTH. Once you have been strengthened by GOD. You will then see the Growth. We believe these 3 words play a key role in having a relationship with GOD. Choze-N isn’t just a word we use, Nor is it just a brand we wear, It is a Lifestyle that we live.